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Station 4 is located at:
2181 Curtis Street
Chattanooga, TN  37406

In 1891, No. 4 Engine Company was formed and located at 209 East Eighth Street.  This was the first Engine Company placed into service in the Chattanooga Fire Department.  The company consisted of nine men and four horses operating a steamer and hose reel.  When East Chattanooga was annexed to the City of Chattanooga, the fire protection responsibility was assigned, at least temporarily, to No. 5 Company located on Kirby and South Orchard Knob in Highland Park and No. 8 Company located on Dodds Avenue near Main Street in Ridgedale. These locations were some distance from East Chattanooga and the residents thought this protection was insufficient. They began to exert tremendous pressure on "City Hall" to provide more adequate protection by placing a fire station in their community.  City Hall was now in the midst of the very bitter battle with the underwriters over classification.  Money had to be a decisive factor in any decision which the city fathers made and they were approaching a dilemma.

The No. 4 Station which was located at Eighth and Park in what was called the "Irish Hill" area was only about ten blocks north of No. 7 Station on Main Street near Central and only some ten blocks east of No. 3 Station on Georgia Avenue. The commissioners met with Chief Toomey and it was determined that No. 4 was vulnerable.  The city acquired the old W.W. Buster Grocery building on Dodson Avenue at Glass Street in East Chattanooga and prepared it for use as a fire station.  On April 25, 1925, No. 4 Station on Eighth and Park was closed and the new No. 4 Station on Dodson Avenue at Glass Street was opened.  The closing of the old No. 4 Station brought screams of protest from Irish Hill residents but no avail.  The old No. 4 Station was turned into a theatre.

Assigned to the East Chattanooga station was E.F. Meidling as Captain, Luther P. Huffaker as Lieutenant and W.T. Burns as engineer. Others assigned there are not known. Hydrants were not located in the area by this time and during the first year of operation the company was severely handicapped in their efforts. During their first year of operation they were subjected to the brashest of criticism by the residents of the community.  It is to their credit that they continued to perform as best they could under the conditions for they eventually won the support of the community through their efforts.  In 1955 the No. 4 station was relocated to its present location. No. 4 was replaced with a new energy efficient station on July 9, 2009.

East Chattanooga comprises everything north of Ocoee St. between the railroad and the Ridge until Campbell St. passes east thru Lime Kiln Hollow. As it now stands, this suburb came largely as the merger of the former town of Boyce with the suburb of Sherman Heights. Originally, East Chattanooga was going to be a planned town between the Cincinnati & Southern Railroad and the Tennessee later known as East Chattanooga (West Section). The only part of that actually inhabited was the African-American community of Bozentown. East Chattanooga (East Section) was developed east of the tracks and later merged with the town of Boyce under the former’s name. The station on the Southern Railway for Sherman Heights was East Chattanooga, and Sherman Heights merged into the town of East Chattanooga around 1910. East Chattanooga was annexed in 1923.

Fifteen personnel on three shifts currently staff Station 4.  We operate a 2015 Smeal pumper.  It has a 1500 gpm pump and a 750 gallon water tank.

DSC 0035

Station 3 is located at 5 Francis Street (around the 4000 block of Cummings Highway) housing Quint 3 and Tanker 3 in Lookout Valley.

A "green" building in design and energy efficiency. Seeking LEED certification. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) was developed by the U.S. Building Council to establish standards for environmentally sustainable construction. Some environmentall friendly features include:

· Heat reflective paving and roofing.

· The building and surrounding site has a storm-water runoff system that features a water retention area with native vegetation.

· High-efficiency heating/cooling system.

· Building orientation and windows maximize natural light on the interior.

· High thermal efficiency insulation and windows.

· Durable, low-maintenance materials used throughout that are low-to-zero VOC off-gassing.

· High-efficiency plumbing and light fixtures with occupancy and daylight sensors. Low maintenance floors.

The station has adopted the Quint concept which is a single company with an apparatus that doubles as both a pumper and an aerial ladder. There is also a 1500 gallon tanker stationed at 3 hall which is used as needed for situations where there is a shortage of water.

The station is staffed by three crews on each of the department's three shifts. The station was opened in February of 2012 to support the surrounding community's growth. The hall also protects a large community and wooded areas that surround Lookout Valley.

Station 2


Station 1 is located at:
218 E. Main Street
Chattanooga, TN  37402 [map]

Fire Station 1 was built in 2001 and serves the greater downtown Chattanooga area. Fire Station 1 is the largest of the fire stations in the city and is nicknamed "The Super Station." Fire Station 1 has 60 assigned personnel, 20 per shift plus three Battalion Chiefs, one per shift for District 1. 

This fire station houses:
Quint 1 - 75' aerial/pumper
Quint 2 - 109' aerial/pumper
Ladder 1 - 104' aerial platform/pumper
Squad 1 - Technical rescue/pumper
HazMat 1 - Hazmat support apparatus
HazMat 2 - Hazmat support apparatus
Battalion Chief Truck - District 1

Squad 1

Quint 1, Quint 2, Ladder 1, and Squad 1 respond to a variety of calls including residential fires, high-rise alarms, vehicle fires, brush fires, hazmat incidents and technical rescue calls.  All Station 1 personnel have received training up to the Hazardous Materials Technician level.

HM1 and HM2

Many of these personnel, primarily on Squad 1, have also received extensive training for Urban Search and Rescue, which includes high/low angle rescue, trench collapse, and confined space.  Squad 1 also specializes in vehicle extrication.

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Fire Administration
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