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Council "hybrid" (in-person/virtual) meetings take place every Tuesday in the Assembly Room of the Council building, located at 1000 Lindsay Street. Through November 30, 2021, anyone may join these meetings in-person or via Zoom at council.chattanooga.gov. The regular meeting schedule is as follows:

Strategic Planning - Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2:00 p.m.
Agenda Session and Committees - Every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.
Council Meeting - Every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. (Rezoning cases are heard every 2nd Tuesday)


November 30, 2021 will be the last day of Council meeting being broadcast via the Zoom platform. All Zoom broadcasts and Zoom speaker registrations will end after the November 30th Council meeting. Live streaming of meetings on the Council's two YouTube channels will continue after November 30th at the scheduled meeting times.


Attend in Person:

Any person may make an in-person appearance to address the Council at the end of the 6:00 p.m. Council meeting regarding matters within the Council's authority. The rules for speaking at the end of Council meetings may be found at http://cha.city/councilrules. In response to the surge of COVID-19 cases in Hamilton County, there is a mask requirement within all City of Chattanooga buildings. In addition, seating in the Assembly Room is limited and on a first-come basis. The Council is currently limiting the public comments section at the end of the meeting to a maximum of one hour every Tuesday night. 

Join Virtually Via Zoom:

Through November 30th, anyone may join Council meetings via Zoom at council.chattanooga.gov each Tuesday at the scheduled meeting time of your choice. If you wish to address the Council at the end of the 6:00 p.m. meeting, PLEASE REGISTER using this form. Above are the rules for speaking at the end of Council meetings.

The rules for speaking at the end of Council meetings may be found at http://cha.city/councilrules.

 Watch the YouTube Livestream:

  • Click here to view the YouTube livestream of the Agenda Session or Committee meetings.
  • Click here to view the YouTube livestream of the weekly Council meetings.

Email or Physical Mail:

Any person may email comments or questions to the full Council at Council@chattanooga.gov, or mail your comments to the following address:

City Council
c/o Clerk to Council
1000 Lindsay Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Voicemail for Your District Representative:

To leave a voicemail for your district councilperson, dial (423) 643-7170 and press the number of the district to leave your message. For example, when prompted, press 1 for the District 1 councilperson’s direct line to leave a voicemail.


To promote an ethical, inclusive environment that enhances and sustains the well-being of all the people, by encouraging citizen input and participation at all levels of City government and by providing high-quality, professional public service that addresses community needs.


Chattanoogans elect a Mayor and all nine Council members on the first Tuesday in March of every fourth year. To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority (50% + 1) of the votes cast; if no candidate garners a majority, a run-off election is held between the two candidates that received the most votes. Runoff elections are held on the second Tuesday of April. Mayor and Council receive their oath of office and their new terms begin on the first Monday after the second Tuesday of April. Also, in April of each year, the Council also elects a Chair and Vice-Chair.

District 1
Chip Henderson, Council Chairman 2021-2022

District 2
Jenny Hill, Councilwoman
Chair, Education and Innovation Committee

District 3
Ken Smith, Council Vice-Chairman 2021-2022
Chair, Legislative Committee

District 4
Darrin Ledford, Councilman
Chair, Planning and Zoning Committee

District 5
Isiah Hester, Councilman
Chair, Parks and Public Works Committee

District 6
Dr. Carol Berz, Councilwoman
Chair, Budget and Finance Committee

District 7
Raquetta Dotley, Councilwoman
Chair, Equity and Community Development Committee

District 8
Anthony Byrd, Councilman
Chair, Public Safety Committee

District 9
Demetrus Coonrod, Councilwoman
Chair, Economic Development Committee

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City Council
1000 Lindsay Street(map)
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Phone:(423) 643-7170
Fax: (423) 643-7199



Photo by Phillip Stevens & Matt Lea