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Storm Stations

Storm Water Pump Station 1

Brainerd is protected from flood water on the West Side, when the South Chickamauga Creek floods by a levee that runs from I75 to Shallowford Road. A pump station located on the Levee  between Brainerd Road and Shallowford Road pumps runoff  water collected on the West side of the Levee to the South Chickamauga Creek.

Storm Water Pump Station 2

Storm water runoff from Eastgate parking lot flows to the West Chickamauga Creek. But when the West Chickamauga Creek elevation rises above flood level, water can back up flooding Eastgate. Gates are used to prevent the back water from flooding Eastgate and a storm water pump station is used to pump the runoff from the parking lot to the creek.

Storm Water Pump Station 3

An area in between McBrian Road, Spring Creek Road, Brainerd Road and North Terrace is in a flood zone. Storm Water runoff in this area flows to the West Chickamauga Creek. But when the West Chickamauga Creek elevation rises above the flood stages water can backup into that area. Gates and valves are closed to prevent water from backing up and flooding the area. When the gates are closed a storm water pump station located at Spring Creek Road and Miller Drive is used to pump the runoff from the area to the West Chickamauga Creek.

Orchard Knob Storm Water Pump Station

Storm water runoff in the Bush Town and Avondale area drains to Citico Creek which drains to the Tennessee River. When the Tennessee River is above flood stage, the area can be flooded from back water.  The Orchard Knob Storm Water pump station was built in the 1970's to prevent flooding in the area. Large gates at the station are closed to keep the Tennessee River and Citico Creek from backing up into the area and pumps are used to pump the runoff water to the river.

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Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea