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06-17-2012 Early Morning Arson Arrest

Captain Anthony Moore with the Fire Investigation Division said said a woman often came to visit the residents at that location, and was even allowed to sleep on the front porch.

Unfortunately, the woman liked to start fires. Captain Moore said the residents chastised the woman for trying to start some fires earlier, even trying to burn an American Flag. However, around 5:00 this morning, Cheryl Hale started a fire in a trash can sitting on the porch. This time the fire grew quickly. One of the residents discovered the fire and after failing to get it out, called 911.

Chattanooga firefighters responded to the scene and quickly got the fire out, keeping it from spreading into the house. Captain Moore said the damage to the house was minimal and no one was injured.

Chattanooga police had Ms. Hale in custody when Captain Moore arrived on the scene. After charging Ms. Hale with aggravated arson, she was transported by Chattanooga police to the county jail for booking.


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