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For further information on scheduling the Fire Safety House, see the Fire Safety House Teacher's Packet

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The Fire Safety House is a 39-foot mobile travel trailer that is a functional one story house, scaled down to a child's level. We take this mobile classroom to local area schools and give tours to children to teach them fire safety. Elementary school students will walk through a kitchen, living room and bedroom attempting to locate common fire hazards. The children can also practice simple methods of eliminating potentially dangerous situations. In addition, they will feel a heated door that simulates a fire on the other side, and then locate alternate emergency escape routes. At the conclusion of the tour, the house will fill with a non-toxic smoke, and the students exit via an escape ladder. All of the activities are done under the supervisory guidance of the Chattanooga Fire Department.  If you're interested in having the Fire Safety House visit your school or venue, please download the 'Fire Safety House Teacher's Packet' (Adobe® PDF Format). It has all the info you need to set up and run a successful fire safety presentation, then fill in a request form  (Adobe® PDF Format) and mail it to us or fax it to (423) 643-5611.

On behalf of the members of the Chattanooga Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau, welcome to our web page. We are proud to serve you and hope you find the information on these pages to be helpful. We have included several links to sites that can provide you and your family with potentially life saving information, and we now offer general guidelines for businesses.

The Fire Marshal's office is an integral part of the Fire Department. We are divided into five divisions: Fire Prevention, Public Education, Plans Review, Records and Investigations. Our primary functions are fire prevention and public education.

The first is to provide life safety inspections. We are mandated by the City Code to conduct annual inspections on every place of assembly within the city of Chattanooga. These assemblies include, but are not limited to schools, hotels/motels, daycares, residential board & care, hospitals/nursing homes, high rise buildings, apartments, large assemblies, detention centers and Risk Management Planned facilities.The second is to educate the general public to the dangers of fire. This is being accomplished through the use of Sparky robotics and Sparky's Safety House. These programs are available to pre-school and school aged children within the city of Chattanooga. Our Public Education Division is also available to present safety talks to your civic groups, conduct fire extinguisher training and a variety of other methods of spreading the message of fire safety in our community.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and come back often. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

James Whitmire
Fire Marshal


910 Wisdom Street
Chattanooga, TN 37406 [map]


Miller Seth R 61095Fire Chief - Phil Hyman

The Fire Chief directs the overall operation and direction of the department through the implementation of the department's strategic plan.  The Fire Chief directs the development of plans and objectives to make the department more proactive and progressive. Oversight of the department operations, annual budget, and capital improvement plans fall under this office. The offices of the Executive Deputy/Administrative Chief, the Fire Marshal, the Operations Chief, the Safety Chief, and the Public Information Director answer directly to the Fire Chief.


Miller Seth R 61095Executive Deputy /Administrative Chief- Seth Miller

The Administrative Deputy Chief is responsible for assisting with the fiscal management of the department, strategic planning, grant management, and other administrative functions. Some of these functions include policy and procedure development, participating in disciplinary hearings, and payroll. The Executive Deputy is also responsible for human resource management and serving as the department's liaison to other city departments and many other outside agencies.


Matlock William W III 61093Fire Marshal - William Matlock

The Fire Marshal oversees the duties and responsibilities of the Fire Marshal's Office, also known as the Fire Prevention Bureau. These responsibilities include fire code inspection and enforcement, public education, plans review, records management, and fire investigation. The division's primary functions are to prevent or minimize fire through fire code enforcement and public education.


RickBoatwrightOperations Deputy Chief - Rick Boatwright

The Operations Deputy Chief is responsible for all Fire Suppression and Emergency Operations duties including: fire operations, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, urban search and rescue, technical rescue, and marine fire and rescue operations. The Operations Deputy Chief also oversees the divisions of Fire Training, Logistics and Technology, and Tactical Services.


Please follow the links to the other Administrative Chief offices:

WilliamAndrewsTraining Chief - William Andrews

The primary responsibility of the Training Chief, who oversees the Training Division, is to make sure every firefighter is trained to meet or exceed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. Specifically, the Training Chief is responsible for entry-level training through fire academies, State In-Service Training development and implementation, Station School development and oversight, Company Officer Development training, and many other opportunities to learn and continue to hone the service provided.


CarlosTibbs Logistics Chief - Carlos Tibbs

The Logistics and Technology Chief is responsible for the department's Resource and Logistics Division, which includes Supply and Maintenance management.  This entails procuring and maintaining all equipment, materials, and facilities for the department and more.


DannyHagueSpecial Operations Chief - Danny Hague

The Special Operations Chief is responsible the Special Operations Division, which oversees special operations such as technical rescue operations, hazardous materials emergency response, and emergency preparedness.


In addition to these Chief Officer positions, Fire Administration also includes the offices of Safety and Public Information. Each of these positions provide necessary support roles for the overall function of the fire department.


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Fire Administration
910 Wisdom Street (map)
Chattanooga, TN 37406
(423) 643-5600
(423) 643-5610 (fax)

Fire Prevention Bureau
910 Wisdom Street (map)
Chattanooga, TN 37406
(423) 643-5618
(423) 643-5611 (fax)

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