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jolong@chattanooga.govStation 14 

Station 14 is located at:
1009 West 39th Street
Chattanooga, TN  37410 [map]

Station 14 is located in the St. Elmo/South Chattanooga area. In 1929 the City of Chattanooga annexed St. Elmo and Alton Park into the city.  The first fire station was located in the 4500 block of St. Elmo Ave.  It was relocated to its current location in 1974;  this was done to provide better protection to the neighborhoods of St. Elmo and Alton Park.  Station 14 operates with a total of 15 personnel on three shifts.  In August 2005 a new Quint was placed in service.  Quint 14 is a 2005 Central States Quint with a 75-foot aerial and a 1500 gallon per minute pump. 

Quint 14 personnel respond to residential and commercial fires, vehicle fires, brush fires and are first responders on all life threatening EMS calls.  Personnel are trained in Hazardous Materials, EMS, and extrication.  Station 14 personnel are proud to be part of this community and enjoy assisting local schools and businesses with fire prevention activities.

This fire station houses:
Quint 14 - 75' aerial and pumper 

The Station Coordinator is Captain John Long. He can be reached at

Station 13 is located at:
5201 Brainerd Road
Chattanooga, TN  37411 [map]

Station 13, located in the heart of the Brainerd community, has been in its present location at 5201 Brainerd Road since 1976. 

This fire station houses:
Quint 13 - 75' aerial and pumper
Squad 3 - technical rescue truck and pumper 

These two fire and rescue companies respond to about 1,200 alarms annually. The district is comprised of both commercial and residential property and also includes the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. The station provides emergency service to a variety of businesses including office buildings, schools, churches, restaurants, nightclubs, and high profile stores.

Station 13's staff is specially trained in various areas including firefighting, emergency medical aid, Hazardous Materials response, and Urban Search and Rescue. Quint 13 is a 75' combination pumper/aerial unit capable of providing fire suppression and aerial rescue. Squad 3 is a pumper/light duty rescue unit capable of providing fire suppression and extrication duties. Squad 3 also carries basic equipment for high angle rescue, confined space rescue, trench collapse rescue and structural collapse rescue. Station 13 personnel are committed to responding to any call for assistance in a professional, responsible manner - to do any job to which we are called.

The Station Coordinator is Captain Kevin Carpenter, and he can be reached at


Station 12 is located at:
900 Forrest Avenue
Chattanooga, TN  37405

Station 12 is located in a residential neighborhood at 900 Forrest Avenue.  Station 12 serves the North Chattanooga/Rivermont communities and provides secondary coverage for downtown Chattanooga, Lupton City and the Signal Mountain/Mountain Creek areas. Engine 12 is a 1995 Pierce pumper and is staffed by 15 personnel between the three assigned shifts. The current station was built in 1997 and is located in the same block as the old station that had been used since 1929. 

The Station Coordinator is Captain Tara Bryant. She can be reached at


Station 11 is located at:
6418 Hixson Pike
Hixson 37343

Station 11 was constructed in 2016. It is staffed with 15 firefighters, with 5 for each of three shifts. We serve the northern Hixson area, but we are also a Squad, so we also go everywhere north of the river and in to east Chattanooga. We also have USAR 1, so on rare occasions, we may have to respond outside the city and assist in rescue operations.

The apparatus we have is Squad 11, a 2009 Rosenbauer Rescue Pumper, and USAR 1, a 2006 Rosenbauer Heavy Rescue for Urban Search and Rescue Operations.

We respond to a variety of calls including residential fires, high-rise alarms, vehicle fires, brush fires, hazmat incidents and technical rescue calls. All Station 11 personnel have received training up to the Hazardous Materials Technician level.

The Station Coordinator is Captain Chris Arendale. He can be reached at

Station 10--Reduced
Station 10 is located at:
910 Wisdom St.
Chattanooga, TN  37406

Station 10 is located off Amnicola Highway close to the Police Service Center.  In 1929, Alton Park was one of the newly annexed areas of Chattanooga. The fire station in Alton Park located on 45th Street had been in the business district that was annexed and the city took in the station, apparatus, and the men working there. It became Station 10 and housed Engine 10. It remained at this location until 1964.

In 1964, Engine 10 moved into a newly constructed station located at West 47th Street & Kirkland Avenue. It remained at this location until 1976.

Station 10 Crew--Reduced

In 1976, Engine 10 moved into a newly constructed station   located at 910 Wisdom Street and next door to the Chattanooga Fire Department Administration building. Station  10 became a double company with Ladder  7.

Ladder 7 was a 100-foot Snorkle, which was one of two the fire department had purchased in 1976. Ladder 7 was disbanded in 1986 and Ladder 3 was moved to Station 10 when Station 3 was closed. Ladder 3 remained at Station 10 until they were moved to Station 16 in 1994.  Brush Truck 1 & 2 were assigned to Station 10 in 1994.  In 2006, Brush Truck 2 was made a reserve and removed from Station 10.

In 1994, Engine 10 was disbanded when F-064, a Quint with a 75-foot aerial ladder was assigned to Station 10 and became Quint 10.  In 1996, F-064 was assigned to Ladder 1. Quint 10 was disbanded and Engine 10 was reorganized.  F-003, a Tele Sqirt with a 50-foot aerial ladder was assigned to Station 10. In November of 2003, the fire department purchased a Quint with a 75-foot aerial ladder and F-058 was assigned  to Station 10. Engine  10 was disbanded again when Quint 10 was reorganized. Quint 10 still remains there today. In 2006, a 27-foot fire boat was purchased and assigned to Station 10.

The Station Coordinator is Captain William Dautrich and he can be reached at



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