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CABR 2015

The CABR 2015 is divided into five major sections: Introduction, Guidelines, Financial Overview, Human Resource Administration, and the Appendix.CABR 2015 Cover Page 1

Section A: Introduction - gives a profile of Chattanooga with selected useful service, demographic, economical, and statistical information, a message from the Finance Administrator, an organizational chart, and City officials.

Section B: Guidelines - informs you of guidelines and rules adhered to by the finance department of Chattanooga, as well as budget policies, model, procedures, a calendar, and the budget ordinance.

Section C: Financial Overview - summarizes the overall financial condition of Chattanooga, where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. This is followed by detailed discussions of program functions such as General Government, Finance and Administration, Public Safety, Public Works, Parks & Recreation, Debt Services, Capital Outlay, and Social Services.

Section D: Human Resource Administration - gives an outlook on the benefits provided by the City of Chattanooga, position changes, its personnel detail, and pay plan tables.

Section E: Appendix - includes a glossary and an index.

Do you have a fast internet connection? If so you may choose to view the CABR in its entirety by selecting this link. CABR (13.4 MB - PDF Document)

If you don't have a fast internet connection, we have divided the CABR into five separate files. You can choose any of the following:

Section A: Introduction (3.4 MB - PDF File)
Section B: Guidelines (3.6 MB- PDF File)
Section C:  Financial Overview (6.5 MB - PDF File)
Section D:  HR Administration (845 KB - PDF File)
Section E:  Appendix (343 KB - PDF File)

Finance and Administration
101 East 11th Street Suite 101
Chattanooga, TN 37402(map)

Daisy W. Madison, CPA, CGFM
Administrator/City Finance Officer
(423) 643-7360
(423) 643-7399 (fax)

Tanikia S. Jackson
Deputy Administrator

(423) 643-7370

Finance Operations and Management & Budget Analysis Office

Brian Smart, CPA, CGFM
Operations Manager

(423) 643-7390

Fredia Forshee, CPA, CGFM
Director of Management & Budget Analysis

(423) 643-7380

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