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Form Based Zoning

General Information about Zoning

There are two types of zoning found in the City of Chattanooga. One is the primary zoning that is found in the majority of the City Limits. The other type, Form-Based Code, is a small area covering the downtown core, riverfront and select parts of the Southside and North Shore areas. This page addresses the Form-Based Code. For more information pertaining to the primary zoning found in the City Limits please go to our Zoning page here.

What is Form-Based Code (FBC) zoning?

This downtown zoning was adopted on June 21, 2016 and because effective on July 5, 2016. The final cut-off date for old zoning submissions was December 5, 2016. The intent of this zoning is to promote development downtown by improving transportation standards, improve coherency between old and new development (in terms of use and size), reinforce and maintain character, promote preservation and encourage public involvement in local projects.

New to Form-Based Code?  Need to know where to start?

Click here for a brochure that outlines how to check zoning, and what steps to follow for designing your project in the FBC area.  

Form-Based Zoning

Click here to access the full Form-Based Code.

What areas are located within the Form-Based Zone?

1. Northshore
2. Riverfront
3. City Center
4. Martin Luther King
5. Southside


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How do I know what my zoning is?

To find out what you zoning is, click the instructions here.  These instructions will show you how to navigate Hamilton County GIS (HCGIS) to determine your zoning.


My project is located in the FBC zone, what do I do now?

Screen Shot 2017 10 20 at 9.10.49 AM


Who is the Development Review Planner?

Emily Dixon


Who do I contact to set up a presubmittal meeting?

To set up a presubmittal meeting you will need to call the main Land Development Office phone number at 423.643.5800 and request a meeting.

How do I know if I am in or within 300 feet of a Neighborhood Association?

Click Here for Instructions or go to

If you are rquired to have a Neighborhood Association Meeting, please click here to know which procedure you should follow when notifying the neighborhood and Council member of the meeting and what to bring to it.


When are the Form-Based Code Committee Meetings?

Click here to access the 2018-2019 meeting dates.

Click here for meeting Minutes and Agendas

The meeting scheduled for September 13th was canceled due to the water problems downtown.  The cases for September will be heard at the Thursday, October 10th at 11:30am.  However, this meeting was canceled due to a lack of quorum.  The cases to be heard in September and October have been rescheduled to be heard on October 29th at 9am.  Click the links below to access the presentation:

Part 1 Presentation

Part 2 Presentation 

What do I submit when I submit for permitting?

Plan Review Checklist
Submission Checklist
Site Plan and Building Elevations
Required Specifications: Window, Lighting, Sign or Planting (when applicable)
Proof of a Lot of Record
Pictures or Renderings
Sheet from the Neighborhood meeting (if it has occurred)

Modification Applications

Major Modification Application - If your variance request must be heard before the Committee.  The application fee is $150.00.  This is nonrefundable.  
Minor Modification Application - For Staff Approvals

How do I submit my Major or Minor Modification Application?

Email any applications with all the materials attached to

Rezoning Property

The Land Development Office is not involved with the rezoning of property.  To rezone a property you will need to reach out to the Regional Planning Agency (RPA).  For more information, please visit their website, click here

Dottie Brewer