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 - Wilcox Tunnel Reopened April 4, 2016 -

How long will the Wilcox Tunnel be closed?
The Wilcox Tunnel will be closed from Aug. 17, 2015 through April 11th, 2016 for major renovations. 

How is this going to impact my commute to work, school or the grocery store?
Chattanooga Department of Transportation staff has created a rerouting plan to help minimize the impact and inconvenience to residents. The detours are designed to assure the safest and most convenient rerouting. Click to view the northbound detour route and the southbound detour route.  From feedback we received from the public at a January meeting, we have added additional signs to clarify how to detour around the tunnel.

How much extra time do I need to allow?
The northbound detour route is expected to add 10 minutes of travel time, and the southbound detour route is expected to add 15 minutes of travel time. We realize the closure impacts everyone, and we apologize for any inconvenience the closure will cause to residents and commuters. Please plan your commute accordingly.

WilcoxTunnelSign 3Where else can I go to stay informed on the rerouting plan?
The Chattanooga Department of Transportation has made maps available online to display the detour routes, and detour signage will be clearly posted near the Wilcox Tunnel project site in Chattanooga.

What are the major renovations at the Wilcox Tunnel?
The substantial renovations to the tunnel include safety improvements, major lighting upgrades and a new inner tunnel liner to halt water seepage into the tunnel.  Please see the construction progress update above for an up-to-date progress statement.

How did you prioritize what improvements were needed to the Wilcox Tunnel?
In September of 2013, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke along with members of the Chattanooga City Council, including Councilman Russell Gilbert, and over fifty volunteers and city employees canvassed the neighborhoods surrounding Wilcox Tunnel. Going door-to-door, the City asked the community what would make the biggest impact for the people who live nearby and travel through the tunnel on a regular basis. Residents in Foxwood Heights, Avondale, Wheeler, and Eastdale provided feedback on the lighting, cleanliness, safety, and water leakage. That collected feedback was used to prioritize the tunnel's improvements.

Brian May